The Little Rock market showed signs of recovery at year-end 2014 as 1,038 units were absorbed. For the past several years, significant development has weighed down apartment statistics. Occupancies have hovered around 91%-93%. These statistics will likely see recovery looking forward. 2014 deliveries totaled 678 units, a drop from 1,266 in 2013, giving the market a chance to stabilize throughout 2015.

Announcement of the Little Rock Technology Park and the addition of 2,855 new jobs has sparked renewed interest in developing Main Street. The Outlets at Little Rock is under construction along the I-430/I-30 corridor. 1,000 new jobs will be created by this significant retail development. Fed Ex recently announced the opening of a regional distribution center. Job creation continues to be generated near
the airport by companies such as Beaudet Aviation, and Dassault Falcon Jet. Every new job at Dassault creates five support jobs.

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